A success story built on using bespoke software to modernise business operations and expand capacity.

Increasing operational efficiency with Bespoke Software

Kilts 4 U are a family-run business in Glasgow. Its core business is hiring Highland Dress and Groomswear of its branded range of tartans to its customers in and around Glasgow, East Kilbride and Kilmarnock. It provides, on average, 300 hire garments to its customers each week. Our bespoke software allowed them to find extra capacity in their existing fulfilment infrastructure to reach this all-time-high level of fulfilment in a sustainable manner. We've worked with Kilts 4 U since 2019 to help them move beyond the limitations of a paper-based workflow and increase the efficiency, capacity, and productivity of their day-to-day sales and fulfilment operations through the complete digitisation of their operations process.

Understanding our client and their needs

We were brought on board to help design and create an all-in-one web-based bespoke software as a service (SaaS) app to help alleviate bottlenecks in its fulfilment pipeline, ease administration staff workload, and standardise its operations process across multiple stores.

Part of our initial consultation process involves working closely with the client and its workforce to gain as much knowledge about their requirements as possible. In this case, it also meant having a team member embedded in their warehouse to gather an innate understanding of how their operations worked so that we had the most total picture possible of the process we were tasked with digitising. We ultimately created a Business Requirements document that outlined their key needs:

  • Have a central point for all appointment bookings, including customer self-service bookings
  • Fully-fledged CRM functionality, including tracking leads and conversions
  • Warehouse stock control
  • Extensive reporting on stock availability and forecasting
  • An order wizard to be used on in-store tablets to streamline the sales process
  • A centralised hub for order status tracking