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The Bathroom Company Glasgow

Digit-AI Integration is a leading digital marketing agency that specialises in creating and optimising websites for businesses. One of projects was to improve the online presence and performance of The Bathroom Company Glasgow, a company that offers high-quality bathroom installations and renovations.

The Bathroom Company Glasgow had an outdated and poorly designed website that did not reflect their brand identity and value proposition. The website was also not user-friendly, or SEO-optimized, which resulted in low traffic, conversions, and rankings.

We took on the challenge of transforming the website into a modern, attractive, and effective marketing tool. We started by conducting a thorough analysis of the existing website, the target audience, the competitors, and the industry trends. Based on our findings, we developed a strategy and a plan for the new website.

Design & Strategy

The new website design was based on the following principles:

Simplicity: The website had a clean and minimalist layout that focused on the essential information and elements. The website used a consistent colour scheme, font style, and imagery that matched the brand identity and personality of The Bathroom Company Glasgow.

Functionality: The website had a clear and intuitive navigation that made it easy for visitors to find what they were looking for. The website also had a fast loading speed, a responsive design that adapted to different devices and screen sizes, and a secure and reliable hosting service. Images too had to be optimised for speed but without sacrificing quality.

Engagement: The website had engaging and relevant content that showcased the benefits and features of the products and services offered by The Bathroom Company Glasgow. The website also had testimonials, case studies, and a portfolio that demonstrated the quality and expertise of the company. The website also had clear and compelling calls to action that encouraged visitors to contact the company or request a quote.

Optimisation: The website was optimised for SEO by using keywords, meta tags, headings, alt texts, and other techniques that improved its visibility and ranking on search engines. The website also used analytics tools to monitor and measure its performance and effectiveness.


The result of the new website design are impressive. After launching in November 2019. The website saw an increase in traffic, conversions, and leads.

User numbers & Enquiries increased from

  • 2019 to 2020 - 6,298 to 22,608 - 9 to 249 enquires
  • 2020 to 2021 - 22,608 to 47,800 - 249 to 469 enquires
  • 2021 to 2022 - 47,800 to 39,943 - 469 to 330 enquires
  • 2023 (so far) - 42,150 (Nov 23) - 389 enquires

IT & Networking

Transforming IT & Networking

Digit-AI Integration also provides IT and networking solutions for businesses. After implementing a new website, SEO & Digital Marketing we turned our attentions to revolutionising the IT and networking infrastructure of The Bathroom Company Glasgow to enable the business to better manage more customers, and more enquiries

The Bathroom Company Glasgow had an slow and inefficient IT and networking system that did not support their business operations and goals. The system was prone to errors, downtime and poor performance. Their current systems also did not allow the company to communicate and collaborate effectively with their customers, partners, and suppliers.

Digit-AI Integration took on the challenge of transforming the IT and networking system into a modern, reliable, and secure one. We started by conducting a thorough audit of the existing system, the business needs, the industry standards, and the best practices. Based on our findings, they developed a strategy and a plan for the new system.

  • Scalability: The systems have a flexible and modular design that allowed it to grow and adapt to the changing needs and demands of the business. The system also used cloud computing and virtualisation technologies that enabled it to access and manage resources efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Reliability: The systems have a robust and resilient architecture that ensured its availability and functionality at all times. The system also had backup and recovery mechanisms that protected it from data loss and corruption. The system also has regular maintenance and updates that kept it in optimal condition. Reliability drives profitability.
  • Security: The systems have a comprehensive and proactive security framework that safeguarded it from external and internal threats. The system also used encryption, authentication, authorisation, and firewall techniques that secured its data and network. The system also complied with the relevant laws and regulations regarding data protection and privacy.
  • Performance: The systems have a high-speed and high-capacity network that facilitated fast and smooth data transmission and processing. The system also used optimisation tools that enhanced its speed, quality, and efficiency. The system also has monitoring tools that measured its performance and effectiveness.

The result of the new IT and networking systems put in place, have increased efficiency and reliability immeasurably . The systems have improved the productivity, profitability, and competitiveness of the business. The systems also improved the customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. The Bathroom Company Glasgow continue to be supported were any issues arise but since it's implementation, the issues raised have gone done from daily, to quarterly issues.

Digit-AI Integration also provides bookkeeping solutions for businesses. Alongside SEO, Website's & IT, the bookkeeping processes of The Bathroom Company Glasgow, have similarly been transformed.

The Bathroom Company Glasgow had a manual and tedious bookkeeping system that did not support their financial management and reporting. The system was prone to errors, delays, inconsistencies, and inefficiencies. The system also did not allow the company to track and analyse their financial performance and health.

Digit-AI Integration wanted to bring in a bookkeeping system that was digital, automated, and streamlined. They started by conducting a review of the financial goals, the accounting standards, and the best practices. Based on their findings, they developed a strategy and a plan for new processes and a better system.

  • Accuracy: The system could be set up to be reliable, and error-free data entry using third party Invoice readers. We added a validation process that ensured the correctness and completeness of the financial records. The system also had reconciliation and verification mechanisms that checked and corrected any discrepancies or anomalies in the data.
  • Efficiency: The system would now have a fast and easy data processing and reporting process that reduced the time and effort required for bookkeeping tasks. The system also used cloud computing and integration technologies that enabled it to access and share data across different platforms and devices.
  • Compliance: The system had a consistent and standardised data recording and presentation process that followed the relevant laws and regulations regarding financial reporting and taxation.
  • Insight: The system had a comprehensive and customisable data analysis process that provided valuable insights into the financial performance and health of the business. The system also used dashboards, charts, graphs, and other tools that displayed the financial data in an easy-to-understand and actionable way.

The result of the new bookkeeping system continues improved on the VAT reporting & now allows for daily reconciliation with direct bank link . The system and processes brought in by Digit-AI Integration also improved the decision-making, planning, budgeting & forecasting of the business.

Digit-AI Integration Ltd is proud of their work and continues to provide ongoing bookkeeping & general support.


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